Chandeliers_and crystal



Hello everyone!

I would like to begin another series of articles under the title of Chandeliers.

Indeed, I will be presenting photos of chandeliers but seen from angles that often make them unrecognizable. Some of them take on shapes that make them seen totally different entities.

There are some chandeliers that almost turn into spaceships that are about to land on our heads, while others more reassuringly look like Mandalas.

There are some that bear resemblance to threatening giant spiders while others remind us so much of the Wheel of Fortune that you’re tempted to give it a spin….

Others are evocative. One for instance gives the impression of an invasion by grasshoppers while another one evokes a beautiful song by Lucio Battisti ‘…fiori rosa, fiori di pesco…’   ‘pink blossoms, peach blossoms…’

The latter is a contemporary creation, while the former is from the ‘Empire’ era, and the beautiful bronze decorations that adorn it are typical of the Empire style. There are marvellous Murano glass chandeliers and bronze chandeliers from the Napoleon III era, and then there are also some modern chandeliers.

So, as I usually do, I offer a significant overview of different eras and styles.

Before saying good-bye, I would like to invite you to dwell a little on the ceilings that provide a magnificent backdrop to our chandeliers. They bear witness to our incredible past.