Huÿch Allardt Engraving 17th Century

Framed engraving by Huÿch Allardt, depicting portrait of princess Mary, Princess Royal (Mary Henrietta 1631 -1660) was Countess of Nassau by marriage to Prince William II, and co-regent for her son during his minority as Sovereign Prince of Orange from 1651 to 1660.

Hugo Allardt the Elder Holland (1627 – 1684) also known as Huijch, Huych, Huyck Allardt, sometimes Allard, was un important Dutch publisher, printmaker, draughtsman and engraver.  He worked in Tournai and in Amsterdam where he married in 1647 and died in 1684. His signature appears  also as a monogram HAL.

Place of origin            Holland

 Period                           XVII Century

Creator                          Huÿch Allardt

Materials                     Wood paper glass

 Wear                            Wear consistent with age and use, damages and losses

Dimensions (in)

  •  Height                         25,20 max with frame
  •  Width                          24     max with frame
  •  Depth                         1,18

Huÿch Allart 17th Century rectangular black and gold  Dutch framed signed engraving

Hugo Allard (1625-1691) was a capable Dutch cartographer and publisher who flourished in Amsterdam from about 1640 to circa 1680. His son was Carel Allard.

 Unfortunately the elder Allard’s career coincided with the heyday of the two great cartographic publishing dynasties in Amsterdam, the Blaeus and the Hondius-Janssonius family. As with Claes Jansz. Visscher, both his business and reputation were eclipsed by the commercial dominance of his rivals, and it was only after his death that the family firm that he established came to prominence. Koeman does not record any surviving atlases compiled by Allard, who also used Allaert or Allardt to sign his name, although there is one such collection in the British Library and another in the University Library, Leiden.

This remarkable collection, acquired by Lord Wardington as separate sheets and bound for him in a contemporary Dutch binding, is an important record of the cartographic output of this little-known publisher, who is referred to in reference works principally for his republication of a series of wall-maps printed from existing plates, including Willem Jansz. Blaeu’s two-sheet wall-map from circa 1608, and for his edition of Georg Marcgraf’s wall-map “Brasilia qua parte paret Belgis” of 1659.

All Allard maps are rare, but this collection includes several highlights, including the set of maps of the four continents, engraved by Jan van de Velde, an untitled sea-chart of the Atlantic coasts of Europe, a fine map of the Indian Ocean with Australia, his elaborate map of New England, from the so-called “Jansson-Visscher” sequence, and his re-issue of Pieter de Marees’s “Regni auriferae Guineae”, first published c.1603.

“These maps bear a remarkable resemblance to De Wit’s maps and are engraved by Jan van de Velde and Johannes L’Huilier and almost certainly by Romeyn de Hooghe – I say this on stylistic grounds only and have not come across any signatures; the latter certainly engraved many of De Wit’s earlier maps and it may be that there was a Roman Catholic connection which, because of the persecution and religious intolerance at that time, was kept quiet to enable them to conduct their business” (Wardington Catalogue).

The collection comprises:

1. Nova totius terrarum orbis geographica ac hydrographica tabula. H. Doncker

2. Nova Africae geographica et hydrographica descriptio, auct: H; Allaert

3. Nova totius Americae sive novi orbis tabula, auct. Hugo Allardt

4. Nova et exacta Asiae geographica descriptio. Auct: Hugo Allardt

5. Nova et acurat totius Europae tabula auctor Hugonii Allardie

6. [Untitled: Western Europe & Atlantic with inset of Eastern Mediterranean]. Hugo Allart excudit

7. Tabula regnorum Sueciae et Norvegiae. Amstelodami, apud Hugo Allardt. A°. 1664

8. Regni Daniae, novissima et accuratissima tabula. Hugo Allardt exc.

9. Hallandia nova et accurata descriptio. Hugo Allardt. exc.

10. Jutia septentrionalis. Hugo Allardt exc.

11. Jutia meridionalis et Fiona. Hugo Allardt exc.

12. Ducatus Holsatiae descriptio novissima. Hugo Allardt exc.

13. Selandiae in regno Daniae insulae chorographica descriptio. Hugo Allardt exc.

14. Scania; vulgo Schonen. Hugo Allardt. exc.

15. Nieuwe en Perfeckte Caerte van Engelandt Schotlandt en Yerlandt Nieuwelyck Uyt gegeven by Hugo Allardt…

16. Nova et accurata tabula Hispaniae praecipuis urbibus, vestitu, insignibus, et antiquitatibus exornata. Hugo Allardt excudit jnde Kalver straet inde Werrelt Caert

17. Portugallia et Algarbia quae olim Lusitania novissima descriptio

18. Nova Galliae et accurata descriptio Hugo Allardt exc. 

19. Foederatae Belgicae tabula in multis locis emendata et in lucem edita à H. Allardt

20. Nova XVII Provinciarum descriptio apud Hugo Allardi ex 1666

21. Transisalania vulgo Over-Yssel

22. Diocesis Leodiensis accurata tabula

23. Le Duche de Cleves

24. Totius Rheni Abeius capitibus ad oceanum usque Germanicum in quem se exonerat novissima descriptio 

25. Tabula Germaniae emendata recens per Hugo Allardt

26. Nieuwe ende Perfeckte Caerte van Vries-landt Over-Yssel en Groeninger-landt. Hugo Allardt exc.

27. Nova totius Westphaliae descriptio. Auctor Hugoni Allardie

28. Nova tabula totius Frisiae orientalis emendata ab H. Allardo

29. Nova totius regni Poloniae, magniq ducatus Lithuaniae, cum suis Palatinatibus ac confiniis HAlardt excudit Amstelodami

30. Novissima Russiae tabula

31. Nova descrittion d. Italia di Gio. Antonio Magino

32. Hellas seu Grecia universa. Hugo Allardt excudit…

33. Totius Neobelgii nova et accuratissima tabula… Carolus Allardt excut. [state 4]

34. Nova tabula. et acurata. Turcicum imperium austo [sic] Hugo Allard

35. Nova tabula India orientalis. Hugo Allardt excudit…

36. Effigies ampli regni auriferi Guineae… Hugo Allardt excudit

37. London. Huych Allaerdt exc.