Maison Jansen Oval Royale French Dining Table

A spectacular Royale extension oval dining table Maison Jansen France, 1950

Table with top and extension in black lacquer surface and details in gilded bronze and gunmetal gray metal.

Gilded metal wheels

Designed and made for the French actress Jacqueline Delubac (1907–1997) who did not care for dining tables. This table’s special feature is that it is foldable and has a table to insert in the center to extend it.

This is an iconic piece from Maison Jansen.

A hundred copies were made of it.

A table of the same model we are showing is illustrated in the Parisian dining room of Suzy and Pierre Delbée, director of the Maison Jansen in J. Archer-Abbott “Jansen”, Arcanthus Press, New York, 2006 pp. 182–183

Maison Jansen was founded in 1880 in Paris by Dutch-born Jean-Henry Jansen. It was located in Rue Royale, in a building designed by the architect Gabriel for the Duke de la Rochefoucauld. Originally, the shop sold antiques and only later became an emblem of international luxury.

In 1889, Maison Jansen took part in the Universal Exposition in Paris, gaining world renown.

Henry Jansen was the first to use the term “decorator.”

His vision was revolutionary for apartments interiors as he invented the profession of interior designer, a a change made necessary by the rise of industry that had displaced the master furniture-makers of Faubourg Saint Antoine and the Mobilier National suppliers.

Jansen first used the term “global decor.”

Henry Jansen founded the Camondo school, which is still running today, mixing theory and practice in his workshops which spawned great decorators remembered to this day. 0In the 1930s, decorators working for the Jansen Paris atelier included Pierre Delbée, Carlos Ortiz Cabrera, Francis Chaillou, Serge Robin, Henri Samuel, Claude Mandron, and Arthur Kouwenhoven.      

Meanwhile, the Maison Jansen name spread worldwide.


In October 1971, the Crown Prince of Iran, Reza Pahlavi and his wife were to host 70 emperors, kings, queens and heads of state for the commemoration of the 2500th anniversary of the Persian Empire. Maison Jansen of Paris was brought in to take on this ambitious challenge. They created the Golden City, turning 50 tents set up in the midst of the desert into royal suites, with each tent featuring tradition, luxury, and modernity (including electricity, water, bathroom, bedrooms, living rooms).

More than 100 semi-trailers went from Paris to Tehran carrying the best French craftsmen from every craft of the Jansen workshops.

They worked under extreme conditions until the opening of the festivities.

This event, closely followed around the world, became a feather in Jansen’s cap, boosting the international reputation of the brand and of French “savoir faire.”

A long list of international clients has chosen Maison Jansen. A few of the biggest of these names include English royals, William III of Holland, Alfonso XII of Spain, the Duke and Duchess of Windsor, the Rockefellers, Elsie de Wolfe, Coco Chanel, the royals of Belgium and Alfonso XII of Spain, and the Kennedy family. Some of their most famed projects included the Red Room in the White House designed by Paul Manno. Prestigious projects have included the Carthage Palace for President Bourguiba, the Rothschild family, Aristotle Onasis, the Dassault family, and many more.

Place of origine: France Paris

Period: 1950

Materials:wood, steel, brass

Wear: it shows sign of age through scuff, little dings at wheels,

Dimensions: (in)

  • height 29,13
  • width 55,11 and 18,40 (with extension )
  • depth 39,37

Maison Jansen Oval Black Lacquered French Royale Dining Table,1950

This is an iconic piece from Maison Jansen.

A hundred copies were made of it.