Signatures MadeinItaly

As I bet you can guess from the title, this Signatures article of the Magazine will be all about Italian artists.

And, as usual, we cover the gamut of eras or styles.


Starting with contemporary art, Mimmo Rotella has a wonderful signature. As you may know, he’s famous for his collages of newspaper clippings, photos, movie posters, etc.


 There’s a major contrast between the stillness of Giorgio De Chirico‘s signature and the dynamism of the signature of the great futurist painter, Giacomo Balla.


Just think that De Chirico painted his first metaphysical pieces in 1909, the year that Futurism was founded and made dynamism and action its credo.


Other striking signatures are the masterful one by the Venetian artist Cagnaccio of San Pietro and the delicate one of Francesco Hayez, a Milanese painter, famous for The Kiss


The oldest signatures here are of Carlo Crivelli, an artist from Venice and the Venetian artists, Jacopo Palma and Giovanni Battista Cima, known as Conegliano, whose signature, with its fluttering ribbon, is virtually a work of art unto itself…


But no one beats Giuseppe Arcimboldo for total brilliance. This unique Italian artist was the ingenious inventor of a genre that only a follower of esotericism like him could even conceive.

I think his signature (in the top photo) has never been bettered and couldn’t be.